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Guard Your Gutters And Protect Your Home From
Fires, Floods And Invading Pests

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Did you realise the damage flooding and ember attacks can do to your property and the dangers they cause? Are you sick of birds and other vermin nesting in your roof, creating loud noise and a disgusting mess? Are you aware of the risk you take when you climb up a ladder to clean out your gutters yourself?

I'm Brendan Wragg, and at Aussie Gutter Protection, we provide high quality gutter guards to Australian home owners while complying with Australian Government social distancing guidelines - by offering professional, accurate and contact free roof maintenance. This way you'll remain safe during these current conditions, while never having to risk climbing up a ladder to clean our your gutters again!

Eliminates The Risk Of Broken Bones, Spinal Injuries Or Death From Cleaning Out Your Gutters

Thousands of Australians are rushed to hospital every year after falling from ladders with broken bones, spinal injuries, and even brain damage. What’s worse is around 20 of these people die every year. Who would take care of your family if something happened to you?

With our gutter guards you’ll most likely never have to clean out your gutters again, so you’ll avoid the unnecessary risk of fatal injuries. In the unlikely event your gutters ever do need a clean, we can do it for you at a discounted rate.

Gutter Guards Protect Your Home And Your Family From Fire Threats And Water Damage

Leaves, branches and debris pose huge risks to your home and everyone inside. The harsh Australian weather quickly dries out leaves and creates an alarming fire risk. All it takes is a stray spark from a barbeque, bonfire or cigarette and your house can go up in flames. Blocked gutters can also cause $10,000+ of water damage to your ceiling, walls and possessions.

Our high-quality gutter guards prevent leaves and debris from ever entering your gutters. This way you can sleep easy knowing your home and family are safe from the risks.

Claim Your Free Measure and
Quote & Roof Analysis Now

Guard Your Gutters And Protect Your Home From
Fires, Floods And Invading Pests

Here’s Just a Mere Fraction of What You’ll Discover During Your Free Roof Analysis And Quote…

  • Warning: Are You The Next Do It Yourself Guttering Horror Story? How to stop yourself from ending up on the news as the next Australian who gets seriously injured or killed while simply cleaning out their gutters
  • How To Ensure You Have A Flow Of Clean Water To Your Backyard Tank Do you drink your tank water? If your roof isn’t protected chances are your tank is full of contaminated water collected by your debris-filled gutters!
  • Are Your Gutters Putting Your Family And Everything You Own At Risk? You’ll discover whether your roof has any weak spots which could pose a severe fire risk which puts your home, belongings and your family in danger
  • How To Tell If You’re A Major-Risk For Fatal Ladder Accidents We’ll let you know if you fit into this category of people who have the highest chance of falling from a ladder and sustaining a serious injury - or worse!
  • 3 Simple Signs You Have Birds Or Other Pests Nesting In Your Roof Is your roof vulnerable? We’ll reveal 3 straightforward signs there are pesky birds, possums, snakes or rats infesting your roof and invading your home!
Claim Your Free Measure and
Quote & Roof Analysis Now

Guard Your Gutters And Protect Your Home From
Fires, Floods And Invading Pests

Make Your Home 100% Bird Proof This Nesting Season With Our Gutter Guards

Spring brings an increased number of birds looking for places to nest and your roof could be number one on their list. If your gutters aren’t protected properly, birds can enter your ceiling, scratch and damage your home, leave an endless mess of droppings and create noise at all hours of the day.

Our gutter guard screening process completely seals the gutters and valleys to ensure all entry points are covered. We guarantee to give you a system which completely bird proofs your roof, so we stop the problem before it starts and protect your home from unwanted damage.

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Quote & Roof Analysis Now

Guard Your Gutters And Protect Your Home From
Fires, Floods And Invading Pests

The Rock Solid Aussie Gutter Protection Triple Guarantee

We’re so confident you’ll be completely satisfied with our high level of customer service and the quality of our gutter protection, you’ll be given our TRIPLE guarantee.

Here’s how it works:


25 Years Product Warranty

We use only the most resilient, longest lasting materials to resist the harsh Australian conditions. If any of our products fail within 15 years of purchase, we will replace it completely free.


Price-Match Guarantee

We don’t only offer the best product, but the best prices as well. We’re so confident our prices are the most competitive in the market, if you bring us a cheaper written quote, we’ll match it straight away.


20 Years Workmanship Guarantee

Our installers are highly experienced and experts in their field, so you know when we do a job it is built to last. So, for even further peace of mind, all of our workmanship is guaranteed for 20 years.

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FREE Roof Analysis & Measure & Quote (Valued at $189) + $400 discount and FREE Gutter Clean With All Full House Installations

Right now you can get a FREE no obligation roof analysis, measure and quote for your home. Simply fill in your details below, and we’ll be in touch in and reveal how we can help guard your gutters from leaves, birds and other pests, so you’ll most likely never have to risk your neck cleaning them out again!

In this FREE, no obligation offer, we’ll reveal …

  • A comprehensive analysis & inspection of your roof along with a free measure and quote to determine the best gutter guard options for your home
  • 3 tips and tricks to keep your roof clean all year round WITHOUT maintenance so you never have to danger yourself by climbing a ladder again
  • Every single entry point in your roof which birds and other vermin can enter and cause havoc - and how we 100% guarantee we can close them up FOR GOOD so you never have to worry about them again
  • The best gutter guard options to keep you and your family safe from the severe fire DANGER created by leaves and branches in your roof and enjoy clean water entering your water tanks

What’s more, we’ll give you a $400 discount and FREE gutter clean with every full house installation. This offer is strictly limited and we reserve the right to take it down without notice so act now to avoid disappointment.